Future Jobs & Infrastructure

We need to get our residents back to work now and prepare them for future job needs.

You know my parents are small business owners. They have and continue to run their small business for over 30 years now; always in Virginia. So I've seen the highs and lows that small businesses endure through economic swings, local government decisions, and now even global pandemics. I started working at my family's business at early as 12, stocking the back and sweeping floors. This has instilled my strong work ethic along with my respect and understanding for both small business and employment needs.

"The fact that David just stops by to check-in and see how business has been and is going says a lot about his character. There is never an ask, just a question to see how we are doing and its appreciated."

Future Jobs & Infrastructure. May not be the flashiest headline but I feel it is equally important for preparing our City for its inevitable growth and needs. You may ask, what do I mean when I say this? Future Jobs & Infrastructure. Fair question, let me explain:

There are two parts to the job portion. When, not if, we get out of this pandemic, we have to concentrate and push hard on getting all of those who have been displaced back to work. That means supporting our current businesses while simultaneously promoting our attractive City to businesses large and small to come, stay and expand. Providing our Economic Development Authority (EDA) with the tools to go and land the next catch is key. We shouldn't stop and feel satisfied after our enormous Micron success- even if it was the largest investment in Virginia history at whooping $3 billion price tag.

The second part is looking out beyond today and seeing where job needs are going to be. The world of cybersecurity is one. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or STEM positions are open and growing across various job sectors. How are our school's curriculum adapting and preparing students? How are businesses or any work transition programs looking at this? Technology advancements, changing workforce models/demographics and the gig economy are real. They are evolving our workforce. I don't have all the answers but these are conversations that need to be had and questions that need to be asked. Future jobs later, means education conversations now.

Now we are at the Infrastructure part. So what attracts businesses and helps those already here? Easy, reliable and cost effective utilities. We are unique in regards to having our own water, electric and engineering services providing in-house expertise that most other localities do not have. With having them now, it is our responsibility to secure them for the future and that vision starts with planning today. Utilities is only a piece of infrastructure which includes so much more, such as transportation -our roads- which are taken everyday for work commutes as well as our children to get to school.

We are capable, through already established funds, to save and work towards addressing infrastructure needs but we need to be thinking about that now. Those water lines that need to be expanded, those sewage lines that need replacement, those electrical lines that are being buried underground- all of them are essential to our daily every day lives.

The fact is we live in Northern Virginia which is a region that has and will continue to push West. We have already seen the exodus from inside the beltway to deeper suburban and rural areas. It's only a matter of WHEN and HOW we will prepare, embrace and adapt to those changes. We must not just look at tomorrow or the next thing but 3, 4, 5 steps ahead with an eye towards the next generation and that is the perspective, planning and decision making that I bring to the table.

If you agree and support what you read, I ask for your vote on November 2, 2021 and let me get to work.