I am a product of the regions public school system. I have attended schools with missing ceilings and exposed electrical walls as well as schools where I was amongst the first to ever walk the brand new hallways. It's about positioning our children to have equal opportunities, not necessarily outcomes, to succeed in today's world.

We must never forget that children are the future, and the future in hopes of building the next generation of leaders.

"In all my years on school board, I have never seen a new City Councilperson come in and dive in so deep and quickly into our school system. David gets it and cares about the issue, you know its near and dear to his heart." -Tim Demeria, MCPS Schoolboard Member

I am laser focused on helping to bridge and support our Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS). This is a priority of mine that I take seriously and personally. Our City's education system is the core to a successful City and affects all aspects of our government.

1. A New Relationship

We are at a pivotal time with new leadership on Council and new members on our School Board. The time is ripe to begin a new relationship based on the foundations of communication, collaboration and trust. We should be communicating with our MCPS on a regular basis, not just once during our routine time of the year. Immediately upon joining Council, I reached out to every School Board member and City Schools Leadership to introduce myself and began learning about the issues they are facing along with their ideas to address them. I have championed a new relationship with MCPS, and I am excited to show you what the future holds. Together we can accomplish our shared goal, which is to provide the best education and environment for our children.

2. Re-Establishing a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U.)

If you are not aware, MCPS used to work through 3-year MOUs with the City. This was an agreement that laid out a variety of topics such as funding levels, shared services, and other cooperative agreements. This is important because MOUs provide stability to both the Schools and Council. With this stability you can more accurately strategize and execute a plan, for both operations and facilities, to reach any goal. Think about it, if you knew with certainty what your finances were going to look like for 3 years straight, couldn't you plan more efficiently? Same goes here for our schools. This is just one example of being able to position them in a better scenario for success.

3. Joint-Work Sessions

This may seem like a no brainer, but I never understood why we didn't openly have work sessions with our schools. The truth is there are decisions the Council makes that directly impacts our schools and vice versa. Take Land Use decisions as one example. It's the Land Use decisions from the 80s that has put the stress our schools are under today. Joint work sessions will help educate each body of the issues and challenges we each face and help better understand one another. Ultimately, these work sessions will also help reinforce my number one point; building a new foundational relationship based on communication, collaboration and trust.

If you agree with my vision and plan to help our City Schools, please support me on November 2, 2021.